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Crown of stabilized dried flowers, made to order according to your colors. Mounted on a lace ribbon, it can be attached very simply using flat pliers and/or a bun stick. This one is about 23 cm and can be placed at the back of a hairstyle, on the top of the head or to emphasize a pretty fuzzy bun (it remains quite removable).


During our first exchange, I ask you to choose a model on my site that you like and send me a picture.
I can also advise you if you don't know what would be the ideal tie or crown depending on the chosen hairstyle (I'm also a makeup artist / hairdresser 😉).
We then see what are the tones, where flowers that you will like.
I send you, according to my stock and your colors, a photo of assembly which will be able to suit you.
You choose what to keep or remove, then I'll send you the quote.
Once settled, I get to work and send you the photo of YOUR crown.
We see if it suits you and make the small corrections together.
I pay special attention to your requests and I only send your order once everything is perfect for you…
It will be your own model, the one that suits you, that we will have developed together. In short, he is unique.
This is what matters to me the most 😉
  Manufacture and delivery between 3 and 5 days depending on stock.


Attachment on order

  • You have a right of withdrawal of 14 days.

    Return costs are the responsibility of the customer. Once the package has been received, PalmaRose will refund the order.

  • Délais :

    Les délais de livraison de votre colis dépendent du prestataire choisi.

    Les colis acheminés par Colissimo sont livrés sous 72h ouvrées.

    Il n’y a pas de livraison les dimanches et jours fériés, tout transporteur confondu.

    Pour certaines îles du littoral, le délai peut être rallongé d’un jour. Pour la Corse et le lendemain des jours fériés, la livraison peut intervenir dans la journée sans engagement de délai.

    Tarifs :

    Colissimo à partir de 5€ TTC (prix évolutif en fonction du poids)


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